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HOPITEX - Wholesale Textile Fabrics Sport Lycra Polyester Pile Fashion Textile Wool Cotton

HOPITEX PRESENTATION The company Hopitex began in 1989 in Montemurlo. Initially, the main activity of the agency was to resell to the various clients of center and southern Italy those products that were bought in the north of the penninsula. The company specializes in the commerce of locknit fabrics, especially lycra and therefore becoming a the largest distributor for those business dedicated principally to the creation of sportswear and swimwear. The arrival of Hopitex in Tuscany has grown quickly enough so that it has emerged as the major wholesaler of Tuscan fabric. Although there are numerous other competitors in the same field, Hopitex has continually maintained its leading position. Today the company prides itself on being the leading distributer and maintaining a valuable relationship with its customers, some of which have lasted over 20 years. Hopitex sells fabrics and accessories to numerous clients both in Italy and outside the country. Currently, Hopitex's staff is composed of 9 individuals who work in the commerce and creation of fabrics.